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Final Destination 5, Why I Will Watch It?

August 9, 2011
I will definitely watch the 5th installment (event it got 6th) of the Final Destination movie if release in the country. I just like the theme of the film. Not the gory or bloody death part but the whole story. As far as I could remember, I watched the first Final Destination with my girlfriend (who became my wife) and I just can't really forget the feeling. When I saw the movie, I just can't stop the fear that I am feeling inside. Its like something scares me inside. Maybe the fear that scares me that time was the fact about the truth that "you can not escape death."  It will hunt you even you cheated it once if your time is up on earth.

It is a different kind of plot that I just love to watch again and again. Now its already, Final Destination 5 and still I want to see the movie even I already expected that the cast of the story will cheat death and then they will be hunted one by one. If the setting of the first FD is a plane crash, this time its a bridge disaster.

You can check the trailer of this Final Destination 5 movie so that you have a glimpse of what to expect from this horror-thriller film:


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