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Watch Fringe Season 4 Episode 8 Online

January 13, 2012
FRINGE returns 2012 with a big blast as Peter tries to return "home" on Fringe season 4 episode 8. The episode name is Back to Where You've Never Been which scheduled air date is January 13, 2012 Friday night, the same day for my favorite Supernatural series will air.

On the episode, Olivia tries to help Peter to get himself home with the assistance of Lincoln but they need to deal with the danger presented by the transparent shapeshifters. I just don't understand why Peter thinks that he is not actually home but in another parallel universe where actually he originally originated when he was abducted when he was young. I think the episode will answer this question and I will definitely watch this and avoid myself from being "hung" with this episode. Ow well, let's watch Fringe together this Friday on and see for ourselves what happens next. You can also check for details about how to watch Fringe season 4 episode 8 on Megavideo.

By the way the following shows the preview of this Fringe episode:


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