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Wrath of the Titans, Will It Be A Worthy Sequel?

March 18, 2012
I am really fond of watching fantasy films and horror genre, both for TV shows and movies. One of the series in TV that I'm watching weekly is The Walking Dead series (horror-drama) and Game of Thrones (action-fantasy-drama) which will return this April.

Now back to the movies. One of the film that I am really eager to watch is the sequel to the Clash of the Titans. Why? Well, it is simply because I believe that this sequel is worth to watch as it will provide a continuation to the adventures of Perseus. Aside from that the remakers of the movie have learned a lot from the Clash of the Titans remake and will surely apply much more improvement to this sequel.

The story of this is really captivating. The special FX are superb. The plot is worth to remember. I will definitely recommend everyone to watch Wrath of the Titans and you should watch it on 3D theaters for much better and brighter experience.


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