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The Hunger Games, Will You Watch it Online?

March 14, 2012
I guess you already knew about the upcoming science fiction / drama film enttiled "The Hunger Games" which is the film equivalent of the novel by Suzanne Collin with the same title have broken several records already of the history. One of them is the pre-ticket sales record on Fandango which is previously hold by the fantasy-horror-romantic film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn last year 2010.

The question now is what record that film will be breaking on its merge of popularity? Can it break Twilight's first day of revenue? Can it take on the number one in the box office with the highest revenue ever of all time? Based on the critical reviews, it seems that it might.

A lot of people already searching to watch The Hunger Games online and possibly get lucky to find a source to watch it. Some already reserved exclusive sits for 3D theaters worldwide. Maybe they really love to see teenage boys and girls fighting for  the fictional fight to the date called The Hunger Games. Not only that the novel that turns to film is trilogy too and contains romantic scenes that will surely loved by a lot of love story lovers out there.

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