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Supernatural Season 7 Episode 16 on Friday, Castiel Is Back or What?

March 7, 2012
That's right Winchester fans out there, Supernatural season 7 episode 16 will air this Friday, March 9 with a title "Out with a Old" which preview shows that Castiel might be returning on the Supernatural scene. I'm not sure if that's true for what I see from the clip, it seems he's back or maybe it will be just part of Sam or Dean's flashback. I'm not really sure about it.

What I'm sure is that their latest out of this world case will involve a cursed ballerina shoes that have already killed a ballerina after she dance herself to death. Yes, and Dean have tried it on his feet and it seems that he is under the said curse and Sam and Dean with Sam's hell issue should solve this before its too late for both of them. Maybe this is the reason why Castiel returns to the rescue of the brother.

Let see and watch Supernatural on Friday and see what happen's next with these guys!

By the way guys, if you are looking to watch Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 16 well as I have mentioned on my previous post, it will not be out on the same week that the Supernatural returns. It will be available a week after the series' return with "1912" episode. FYI.


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