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Pretty Little Liars Episode 8 this Season 1

July 27, 2010
Well the previous episodes of the "Pretty Little Liars" have been very exciting and one by one the secrets are revealing to the viewers/fans of PLL. The four girls have finally come to a point that they have accept Allison's death as her memorial service is about to come. Complications happen when Allison's brother wants to do more attending the funeral. The Pretty Little Liars episode 8 will air tonight July 27, 2010 at 8pm ET and watch out for the exciting happenings for the 4 girls.

Now where you watch it and how to find place on the web to view it in online streaming. Well you can try to search for tweets tonight and definitely a lot of so called "online TV provider" will surely appear on tweets. If you can't still find it, try to go to or

Have fun and enjoy Pretty Little Liars Season 1 episode 8!


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