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Salt and True Blood this Week

July 24, 2010
I really missed Angelina Jolie's movie. The last movie that I've watched that she was part was the "Wanted" movie and that was a long time ago and now with the upcoming Salt, I am so excited to watch Salt online or on movie theaters. However, I might watch first the True Blood season 3 episode 6 this weekend and will watch the said movie then.

What I like with Salt is that its filled with suspense and action that only Angelina Jolie can deliver. On the other hand, True Blood is also on my line of sight today because I believe that this series will surely end this season and I don't want to miss every single episode of this TV series.

By the way, the other day I just watched the movie of Leonardo Dicaprio, the Inception and really find it mind boggling and really amazing. Imagine a dream, inside a 4 levels deep of dream. A puzzle that is difficult to solve. I don't know how the writer of this movie made this puzzling twist of the story made. Well, I guess you should watch Inception online for free at so that you'll determine what I really mean.


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