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Camelot and Game Of Thrones - Two Series to Watch Out this April

March 28, 2011
April is a really good month for TV series to start-up. No sports events that will steal the show and almost all the series will return from their original time slot. When I check on TELEPISODES.COM, I found that aside from the return of my favorite series there are several new shows that will be take the stage for the first time as they bring entertainment to a much higher level. I am referring to another show that will touch the life of King Arthur and his adventure that is said by the network that will air it as a story of him that is never been told. Well, they will be beginning the adventure of Arthur before he became the greatest king of Camelot and that is the newest title of the series CAMELOT. Camelot Episode 1 will premiere on April 1, 2011. We will see his dark and cold sister Morgan trying to steal his destiny and fate.

Meanwhile, on the other TV network, they will bring the a popular best selling novel into life as they make A song of Ice and Fire by George RR into a full 10 episode series under the production name Game of Thrones. The Game of Thrones episode 1 will start airing on HBO on April 17, 2011. It is one of the highly anticipated series of 2011 as it is expected to be followed by the million readers of the book.

Well, it is always the episode 1 is the signal for me if I'll continue to watch it up to its finale. I hope I'll be satisfied with the story of these two series.- DigitalFrenzied.

Update: HBO just released a 14 minutes preview of the Game of Thrones, it is now online and check it out at


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