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Are You Waiting for the Return of True Blood and Ready for Season 4?

June 4, 2011
The ending of True Blood season 3 last season triggers a new beginning to one of the most bloody and sexy vampire show on TV today. Sookie's real nature was revealed on the last season and are you ready for the 4th season this June 2011? Well, you will find out that Bill and Eric will try to use their charm to human for what? I don't know actually. Are they planning to live in the open with humans, peacefully? Can it stay that way? No death cause by vampires. Will it happen?

Well, True Blood season 4 episode 1 will reveal Sookie in a place where he is supposedly should belong and that is in a place with shining fruit, a place of fairies. Aside from this amazing turn of events on True Blood, necromancers and witches will be possibly introduced on this season and basing on the trailer below, there will be a lot of biting and beautiful women :).

Now are you ready for True Blood season 4? You should!


Semidoppel said...

I don't know the show hehehe, di ako makarelate. anyway maganda po b sya sir blog author

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