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Bad Teacher and True Blood - Pretty and Bad Girls!

June 26, 2011
Aside from the premiere of True Blood season 4 episode 1 on Sunday, one of the film that I really anticipate to watch this coming weekend is the film by one of my favorite pretty lady of Hollywood, Cameron Diaz entitled "Bad Teacher" which was first released on theaters last June 24, 2011. I just really love how this actress act and ever since I saw her in The Mask and There's Something About Mary, I already fall in love with the pretty face and great acting humor and prowess of Cameron Diaz.

This is the reason that every film that she made is that I always make sure that I will watch it and the last movie where I saw her was the Green Hornet. How about you, will you watch Bad Teacher online or in theaters? Well, you should watch it as it will definitely give teachers and non-teachers inspiration and a certain laugh/smile + grin on teaching. So hello True Blood and Bad Teacher, I will surely see you this week.


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