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Watch Dexter Season 6 Episode 1 Now? Well Its Out!

September 23, 2011
Are you one of those who loves to watch serial killer movies and TV shows today? Well, you might one of those who likes DEXTER so much. The series is supposed  to be back this October 2, 2011 but much to my surprise, I found it on the web and you can now watch Dexter season 6 episode 1 online via

That's right and the title of the said episode is "Those Kinds Of Things" which will continue with Dexter being confused after the lost of his wife and now his thinking about the legacy that he can leave for his son. I also saw the newest poster of the show and I really loved it! Imagine DEXTER looks like an angel with wings of blood and he looks like a priest with his get up but instead of holding a candle he is holding a knife. See the said poster below:

What do you think? DEXTER is really cool on this poster!

The following shows the episode summary of DEXTER season 6 episode 1:
Dexter shows up at his 20th high-school reunion with the intention of confronting the former prom king (I am wondering why he wants to confront this guy, is the prom king a serial killer too?). Elsewhere, an investigation into a heinous murder with religious overtones leads Dexter to ponder spiritual matters and wonder about his son’s legacy (he is really beginning to "feel" something, its a father nature thing). And an unexpected situation results in Debra becoming a hero.


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