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Watch Chuck Season 5 Episode 1 - Its Return on the 28th of Oct!

October 23, 2011
Latest Chuck Poster I Saw
I never thought that CHUCK will be back for another season. Not because I don't like the show but because I thought that the 24th episode of the 4th season was an ending for Chuck Bartowski's spy life specially that he and his team are out of the CIA because he already lost his intersect. Not only that Morgan Grimes got the new intersect which is supposedly intended for him.

In Chuck season 5 episode 1, our favorite spy with her wife will be living a normal life but without removing spy antics as he is doing it without CIA and with his own money. Specially that he got millions of it as revealed by the season ender of the Chuck season 4.

What I am asking right now is will he still gain back the special skills (or curse) that the intersect gave him for a long time? Is there another kind of intersect intended for him? Well we should watch Chuck season 5 episodes to find out if what will happen to him, Sarah, the Buy More and the rest of the Bartowski clan.


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