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Why There Will be Train to Busan Sequel?

September 27, 2016
Have you watched the Korean horror drama film TRAIN TO BUSAN? If not then don't read on for there will be some slight spoilers in the next line of this post. It hits the Asian cinemas just the other month and earned million ticket sales that it becomes a big hit. It is a zombie film that centers with the survivors of train commuters that are going to Busan.

It is bloody and shockingly a fast pace story that surrounds with how the survivors survived the swarm of fast running zombies. Unlike the American series The Walking Dead, zombies in Train To Busan are fast running ugly flesh running to bite and infect other passengers of the train which makes it more horrifying for viewers who are usually used to slow running zombies. Also infection is fast, about a few minutes after you get the bite, the infection takes effect and the biting begins. That's why the whole bullet train was overrun by this zombies in less than a day.

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Other movie goers are debating if how did all the infection started. They even pointing their fingers to the guy in the first part of the movie or the infected deer that got hit by the car of the guy. However, all of this questions about the origin of the virus and the like was answered by the prequel animated movie entitled Seoul Station which was also released this year. I can't find any link to watch it on Youtube or Telepisodes but possibly this animation will be available later this year.

With this success of Train to Busan in theaters, the people behind this movie are in the works for TRAIN TO BUSAN 2, the sequel to continue the story in the film. Fans of the movie are already inventing stories about the sequel.

My question now is will it be successful as its first movie? Let's find out after the movie sequel release.

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