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Watch Pacquiao vs. Vargas Fight

October 31, 2016
You read the title right guys, WATCH PACQUIAO VS. VARGAS FIGHT! You might be surprised that the Filipino Senator who is a popular boxer and 8 division champion in the Philippines will return in the right as he fight once more for another championship belt. Manny Pacquiao - JessieVargas bout will be happening this November 2016 and will be featured by Bob Arum's TOP Rank Pay Per View.

The said Pacquiao vs. Vargas fight will feature fight cards like the Donaire vs. Magdaleno championship match which is believe to be one of the reason why this match will be a sell to Mexican, American and Asian viewers alike.  You might be wondering why HBO PPV is not holding this event. Well, one reason that I see is that they don't believe that this match up will sell that much. Aside from that people of the US right now is so much busy with the US Election coming and it seems that this kind of match is not on the right timing for such momentous history of the country. However, this does not stop Arum from continuing this match up and pursue with this using his very own pay per view network.

Recent PPV count shows that Arum didn't make a wrong decision. It seems that Pacquiao mania is still alive and the heat is still on for both Donaire and him.

If you want to watch Pacquiao-Vargas fight, you can visit for more details or you may want to check the following links for more information on how to watch boxing events like this online.

Now, what do you think guys, will this boxing event make a boxing history or an upset for the Filipino boxer? Remember, though Jessie Vargas is younger and hungry to win still he lacks the experience of a champ that Manny Pacquiao had. Will the young boxer Vargas beats the veteran but quite strong and skilled boxer like Pacquiao? Let us find out on the 5th of November and let see the conclusion of this fight!


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