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Personal Review: Assassins Creed 2016 Movie

January 6, 2017
I just watched the latest movie of Michael Fassbender, ASSASSINS CREED and he didn't fail me to be impressed in his acting ability. He is great with the Callum Lynch character and audiences seems waiting for him in every timeline shift. Love the fighting scenes and the scenery but it seems the story line for non-gamers is quite puzzling to understand. The movie is composed of great actors and actresses but with the special effects and action scenes, it seems that they are in the sideline with the props. The story doesn't tell us where the Assassin came from and assume that audiences knew already that this movie is based on a game and made into a live action film. Yes we knew that but we want to know what is the story behind it.

The ending is also confusing and poorly written. It seems that they just want to end the story with hanging some conclusions so that there will be another movie for it but possibly with or without the Animus anymore. With all what happen with their base it seems that the Templars didn't do anything to even anticipate the possible reclaiming of what is the Assassins possessed. If that thing is so powerful why they just used it to clean up the mess from the laboratory?

 If you will ask me if I want another Assassin's Creed movie, well, YES I love to watch more of it despite the puzzling story lines. Love this game and really love Michael Fassbender. I will surely watch every movie he is in and please count me as one of his fans!


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