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March 11, 2009
Now you have done it already: you have customized your blogger blog sites, you've joined several online communities, you observed proper ethics and attitudes in blogging and you have already chosen a specific topic to discuss on your Blogger blogs. What now? What's the next step after this? Well, I think you are ready for the next level and that is how you will make your sites and articles be visible on a lot of readers. Nah, I will not discuss about how to spend wisely in television or radio advertisements just to get a traffic and exposure that you want. Think about this, if you are a reader and you want something to know about anything, what's the first thing you will do? Of course, you will open your browser, go to Google, Yahoo or Live then type a keyword relevant to what you like then search. Right? That's what other readers are doing. They are using search engines to find things that they want. It is the trend right now, if you want a maximum exposure and visibility for your blogs online, you should make sure that you can be found on major search engines whenever a reader search for a topic that you are discussing.

In this way, your "master piece" can be discovered easily by your readers that will eventually become an avid Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 reader. Now, how it will be done? Here's some basic and practical things that you can do for starter:
  1. First try to create quality contents for your posts on your blogs. For example, tips or advices which one topic that people love to read should be written clearly but concise. Make sure it will really helps. In this way other people who first discovered your article will recommend the link of your blog to any places they've been like forums or their own blogs. Thus creating a very nice referral from other sites at the same time building enough links for your site. Remember the higher the number of site linking to your site the popular your blog will be.
  2. Make a catchy title. In this way readers will be lured to read the whole content of your posts specially if the title tickles their mind or intrigued them. :)
  3. Use multimedia in your articles. Add graphics or images in your posts or even audio/videos. This makes the site more interesting and increases the users experience which will make them return for more.
These are just practical steps that you can start applying to your blogs. If you are a serious Capiznon blogger of 2009, you should consider these tips.


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