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Blogging as a Job

March 30, 2009
Its our Graduation yesterday and its another great moment for students. Its another stage of their lives and another posts to make on their Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 blogs. I am trying to open the pictures on my cellphone to embed it here but I can't. The USB cable seems to malfunction and its not recognize my system. Maybe I will just embed it later on my next post. Well regarding Blogging as a Job, this might be applicable to someone or might not to others. I have known several people who is earning a lot for just merely blogging the whole day. They are earning a lot from it. As I have mentioned on my previous post about Earning from Blogging, one of the method that they are earning is through Ads, specifically the Google Adsense. They are actually earning enough with this just method. Some are earning at about $4K or more every month with this.

Well, I said that this might not work for you it is simply because it comprises more tasks to do. One thing aside from regular blog posting that you should do is your blog (not only your Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 blogs but several blogs, others are maintaining more than ten blogs at a time) should be promoted in a way that it can generate a lot of traffic. Traffic is the key of earning a lot from this scheme and how can you do this? It is through another method that is more than bloggers should do. It is called as search engine optimization or SEO. That will be my next topic after this post. I will discuss terminologies and basic strategies that you can use to apply this kind of 'tasks' to your blogs on my next post so stay tune guys!


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