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Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 Commenting Guidelines

March 25, 2009
Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009One way of promoting your blogs and increasing the chance of your Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 blogs to be visible on search engines is through blog commenting. It is through blog commenting that you both gain back links to your blogs at the same time you learn something from other blogs. However, this is the reason why some are using this mechanisms to spam the web. Now, some blogs instantly approve comments but other blogs are turning their comment moderation on. This mean that before your comments get out of their blogs, it will be read thoroughly and its the discretion of the bloggers if they will approve or not your statements or remarks. This is because they don't like their sites to be spammed by these people. Even search engines indicates on their guidelines that site owners should not allow spammers get insider their system. That's when captcha and comment moderation came to being.

Now I will list here some practical guidelines to increase the chance of approval on your comments.
  1. Read the posts first and try to write comments really relevant to the article that you've read. If you can't find time to do that try to read the first or last paragraph of the post and base your comment there.
  2. Avoid the comments "great post", "nice post" and the like. It triggers them that your a spam.
  3. Write at least two to three sentences of comments. This looks like you are really sincere with your comments.
Remember this before you start your commenting spree, try to be sincere with all of your remarks. If not, even closest to that. I know some of the Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 participants already mastered this commenting craft and so can you share your ideas here?


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