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What are Sisal Rugs?

July 10, 2009
What are Sisal Rugs? Sisal rugs are one of the kind of natural rugs in the market today that is known for its distinctive beauty and classic good looks. This great gold and almond colored appearance of flooring decor is actually came from a plant called agave sisalana plant or commonly known as sisal. These plants are commonly grown in African plantation and harvested then later spun into a yarn. They are carefully hand made weaved to produce the different style and designs of carpets that you can buy on different rug shops today.

The said sisal rugs are known to have a natural quality of being an anti-static, sound absorbing and flame resistant. It is perfect for home or offices in any various of sizes and elegant styles. This kind of rug can be purchased in classical ready-made or custom made designs or even in contemporary accent colors depending in the designers or home owners preferences.

Cleaning the natural sisal rugs. Usually the recommended method in cleaning sisal rugs is through dry cleaning. It is not advice that it to be steam-cleaned or wet-shampoo; liquids or excessive dampness may cause these rugs to shrink or pucker.

Where to buy this kind of area rug? Today there's an easy way of ordering this kind of area rugs for your homes. You can now simply visit online shops like the (Contact: info @ Toll Free 800.391.2526) and then you can place your order there then they will ship it, even for free (of course ask them if what are the terms and condition in availing the free shipping).


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