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Is Fighting Marquez a Wise Decision for Mayweather?

July 14, 2009
Mayweather vs. MarquezA lot of people is asking today if Mayweather just got so excited to come and wasn't able to analyze thouroughly the opponent that he will be facing. He accept the match against Juan manuel Marquez and everybody thinks that it is a blunder for the previous undisputed fighter, Floy Mayweather, Jr. It is seen by a lot of fans and boxing analysts that Marquez is just too strong for him and he will really suffer a great fight that he will definitely not forget.

The Mayweather vs. Marquez match was suppossedly today, July 14 but instead postponed because of the rib injury of Mayweather. It is set on September 19. Those malicious thinking of other people think that this is just an excuse for him because he see how strong and ready Marquez is.

Well, I've seen the previous matches of Mayweather and even Marquez, and personally I think both fighters have their own great qualities and great fighters of their country. I hope that they will give us a fight that we can not forget. Let us give both boxers a chance to prove themselves. The result of this Mayweather vs. Marquez match will answer a lot of questions and let just wait when it happens.


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