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What are Seagrass Rugs or Mountain Grass Carpets?

July 16, 2009
As part of my series discussion about natural materials used as floor decors, I will mention today about another kind of natural rug specifically the seagrass rugs or also known as mountain grass rugs. Previously, I mentioned about the sisal rugs, its origin and online shop where to buy it. Now, let see what is a seagrass rug and its qualities compared to other kinds of natural carpets out there. This kind of rug came from a marine plant called seagrass. The plant is highly important to different organisms on water and use it as their primary source of food. Lately, the fiber that is gathered from this kind of species of plant is weaved and made to several kinds of furnitures and even as part of the seagrass rugs.

The product made from this are highly affordable and durable. Its natural unique appearance makes it one of the good choice that a home owner can use for their floors or part of their furnitures. They are highly stain resistant, anti-static, cheap and long wearing. Import Flooring sells this kind of natural area rugs. Visit their online shop at for more information about the rug and availing large discount rates to great items on their store.


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