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Sulumits Retsambew Follow-up

July 25, 2009
As I have mentiond on my previous post, a lot of aspirants is vying for a win for the said phrase and my own sulumits retsambew website is losing its grip and keep on falling from its current position. Despire this is the case, I still do not lose hope. I even promise my full support to Benj's Sulumits Retsambew blog to at least give a little help to the said mission. If in case that he wins or even got any from the challenge, it will be the pride of all our countrymen. It will be a great honor to give something to someone who have a great part in my current situation right now in the world of search engine optimization.

This guy, Benj is one of the person that I respect and highly regarded as one of the best teacher in the world of internet marketing and search engine which helps me to start my own path on the net. - from Sulumits Retsambew of Bleuken


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