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What the Heck is "Sulumits Retsambew?"

July 21, 2009
You may wonder what the phrase Sulumits Retsambew mean or for. I don't know if the readers of this blog can relate to such but if not then just ignore about this post and abandon this page immediately. Search for other topics that might entertain you, just use the search bar on the sidebar of this site. Well, let us go back to the meaning, purpose and the origin of the said unheard sulumits retsambew phrase. This phrase is the game phrase used by the different search engine specialists today from different part of countries all over the world. It is initiated by the NetBuilders community. The purpose of the said competition is to test the different techniques of different people from around the globe on making their sites to rank high on the search engines. 

The rule is very simple for the sulumits retsambew just make your website rank on top 3 on G and you will definitely got a cold cash on your hand after the end of last date of check-up of the entries. At first I find the contest as like a joke but lately, I decided to do something about it and check things on SEs and how it reacts to what I am doing on the site. Right now, I have several variables in hand and conclusions to be concluded but still I can not still reveal my findings as the contest is still on up to 15th of August. Maybe later I might!

Good luck to all the sulumits retsambew entrants and aspirants!


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