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Sikat Ang Pinoy on Valentines Day

February 12, 2010
That's right! Filipino in the day of hearts will be popular. The February 14, will be the day for modern heroes to show themselves to the world how great we are in our own means. I have introduced these Filipinos on my previous post and I am referring to Pinoy Power 3 fighters that will be clashing against the Latino Fury 13 on Sunday. Despite some changes on the line up of fighters (dropping Gerson Guerrero as opponent of Donaire and making Manuel Vargas to replace him), still the match on the day is a fight that we should wait.

I am watching it and will see how the Filipinos will shout "sikat ang pinoy" after their opponents throw their towels and kiss the canvass. I am expecting for Bernabe Concepcion, Gerry Penalosa and Kid Terrible Morales to win the fight but of course, we can't take for granted the Mexican fighters. They are strong but the determination of the pinoy are really enough to take home a win.


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