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Glee, Breaking Dawn and More!

November 15, 2011
Aside from suffering from the pain on waiting for the opening of the theaters for the film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn this week (that's a little bit exaggerated hehehe), I am looking forward to the current episode of Glee series which is entitled as Mash Off. Why? Well this Glee season 3 episode 6 will focus on "competition" political sense for Sue Sylvester and talents for the Glee club members under Will and Shelby.

Imagine, Sue will begin her smear campaign just to bring down his great rival in the congressional election. Meanwhile, it seems that Will and Shelby sees that competition between clubs begin to cause friction and tries to do something about it by encouraging the members to go on a friendly way. Aside from that PUCK is in love and with home well its for us to find out later.

Meanwhile, the red carpet for Breaking Dawn have begin to unfold as their premiere begins and I am sure a lot of people is waiting to watch Breaking Dawn part 1.


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