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What to Watch This Wednesday Night on US TV?

November 10, 2011
What are you doing tonight? You might want to check out the list of television shows that will be airing tonight and that you might love to spend your evening with.

Let's start with the 8'o clock schedule. The X Factor US is airing on this time and you have your X Factor contestant already on your list to be saved on this prestigious talent showdown. Then, there's the reality series, the Survivor season 23 episode 9 entitled Cut Throat. Next, is the 10 am time slot which my favorite South Park season 15 episode 13 which episode title is A History Channel Thanksgiving.

IF you want to scared yourself then, American Horror Story episode 6 is for you. You will definitely love how they touch this genre in television series. Now if you are into cooking then, Top Chef series is for you. But if you love some fun in college, Blue Mountain State is the show that you should see tonight.

For more schedule on what to air this Wednesday night US time, just check TV Schedule today.


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