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When will Globe will Bring iPhone 3Gs in the Philippines?

June 22, 2009
Apple recently released the new version of their phone called iPhone 3GS which supports video recording and faster processor. Millions already shift from this phone but still it is not yet available in the country. I try searching online to see if the said phone is already available but sadly the only provider in the Philippines that sells legally this phone - the Globe Telecommunications, is still does not sell the newest version. I check it on their website and there's nothing information about when will they sell this new phone.

I like that this iPhone 3GS be available in the country and I am just wondering if how much will this will cost in the country. My estimate is about 9K to 12K Philippine Peso based on the international pricing of the said touch phone which is it is only sold to $99.00 only. The $99 price doesn't not include the subscription fee of the user to the telecom network so the user needs to sign for two years lock in period to acquire the said phone.

Now the question, "When will Globe will bring iPhone 3GS in the Philippines?" is still yet to answer later.


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