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Easiest Way of Dealing with Expense Reports

June 8, 2009
Are you looking for the most convenient way of preparing your expense reports without the problem of the sloppy paper works and the usual "misplace receipts" hassle? Don't search for it anymore! It can be deal with tools that can help you through out the process of the preparation of the reports to the submission to the authorized person of the organization. What I am talking about is the expense management software provided by Certify, a leading expense management solution provider that serves small to mid size companies and help them track their expenses easily. The said expense tracking software by Certify has the following features:

1. Receipt Management
2. Currency Conversion
3. Custom Expense Categories
4. Approval Workflow
5. Policy Enforcement

For further details of these features, just visit

What I like about the expense report system of Certify is the fact that you will not spend more on investing data servers and application development just to implement their system. What you only need is a PC with an internet connection plus affordable subscription to them and your company or you can start immediately. You will never mind of losing your receipts because you can send it via your mobile phone, fax or email to Certify's server then save it for later use. Imagine how life would be very easy for you if you have this expense system on your computer.

What are you waiting for, get Certify's Expense Management and have a expense reporting hassle-free life now! 30 days trial is still available on their website at


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