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Hayden Kho Maricar Reyes Sex Scandal Video Part 3!?

June 11, 2009
OMG, I thought the last Maricar Reyes sex scandal video that I have seen was the last one of its form but I found it that I was so wrong. A friend of mine said that that there's another sex scandal video where the latter is aware that she is currently shot by Hayden Kho. I've seen a sample snapshot of the scene and I was really shocked. I thought on the two video that she is not aware of the hidden camera of the guy. I thought she was a victim of the irresponsible "trip" of Kho. I don't know what others will think about this but this will definitely change how others think about this girl that supposedly a victim that the only mistake was to show her love with all of his heart.

Well, a lot of surfers will definitely search for Maricar Reyes Sex Scandal Video Part 3 and DVD/CD/VCD pirates will definitely take this opportunity to make money on this. Tsk, such a sad story but who's to be blamed on this? Is it the technology, the persons on the cam or the one who distributed it? What do you think?


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