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Sulumits Retsambew - To be part of it or not?

June 23, 2009
sulumits retsambew official entryIts almost July and the sulumits retsambew challenge will surely kick in this coming month. Every participants of the said test of skills for webmaster and search engine specialists are preparing for the month of firepower and great strength. I am thinking right now if I will still participate to the said competition. I am busy right now but I want to try my luck on this for the purpose on checking other practitioners, web masters and specialists of search engines' practices and techniques. Some do have a negative outlook on this kind of activity. It is simply because some of entrants of this kind of competition are using a certain "unethical" strategy wherein doesn't abide to the guidelines of the search engine.

In the sulumits retsambew event of, some participants will surely embrace the dark side of the competition. Some will stick on the light and the "right stuff" and that includes me. Who will win from this clash of different talents. May the white practice dominates this competition.

The image on the post is the snapshot of my official entry to the sulumits retsambew search engine optimization competition.


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