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Where and How to Watch Mayweather vs Marquez Match Live or Replay?

June 4, 2009
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is back and he wants to knock someone on the ring. This is his response to what just happen to Ricky Hatton last May 2 and his rumored preparation against the reigning pound for pound king, Manny Pacquiao. This July 18, 2009, Mayweather vs Marquez match will be materialized and the Pretty Boy will be facing the courageous Mexican fighter Juan Manuel Marquez.

Now, how would you intend to watch this fight? On the ringside (or inside the MGM Grand Arena), live on the web through online streaming, delayed or replayed telecast on sports channel on your cable television or you will just listen it through your favorite radio? Well of course it will be lovely, if you can watch it on the ringside, just buy your tickets now and it might be sold out. It might?! If you can't (afford to buy or go), you just can stay in front of your computer go to the following websites and watch it live thru online streaming provided by some leading online TV provider today. What is so good about this is, its free of charge. See it for yourself.

Here's the websites that might offer links through Mayweather vs Marquez fight:

By the way, regarding the next fight of Pacquiao, well a recent interview reveals that he accepts any challenge that might come and his open to any fight. Even Sugar Shane Mosley's challenge has a great possibility to happen this coming October 2009. I will update you with this possible Pacquiao vs Mosley match later.


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