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The World Mourns on Michael Jackson's Death

June 26, 2009
Everyone this morning (about 2PM in Los Angeles Time) around the world was shocked by the news about the unexpected death of Michael Jackson. News and speculations roam on the web about his death. I actually have heard from the local news here in our place that he suffered a cardiac arrest and was sent to hospital for treatment but later announced that he already died. This makes a lot of Jacko fans to be on the state of shock and really cried on this news. They were not expecting that at the age of 50 that this great singer of all time and the King of Pop that will pass away in such age.

Some were singing again the music of Michael Jackson and some goes to the first place where he and his brother sang their Jackson 5 music. Every fans of Jacko will surely miss him and I think there will be no other like Michael Jackson ever.


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