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The Rug Search Engine Portal

August 19, 2009
The Carpets and Rugs PortalAre you trying to search for rug or carpets to be used for your home? Do you want to find great deals and high quality premium area rugs to enhance the appearance of rooms in your houses? Well, there is a new search engine portal that is released right now that can cater such needs. It is called It features different kinds of natural fiber rugs and rug pads from different rug retailers, manufacturers, importers and dealers in the US today. Currently, it is only the initial phase of gathering details from these companies to provide you with the latest list of floor decors that is both possess affordability and admirable qualities.

Some of the types of rugs (handmade braided rugs) that are feature by the said portal are made from sisal, seagrass, jute, and bamboo. All are highly renewable and eco-friendly. Despite that this are earth friendly, the natural beauty of these items are fascinating. Aside from these rugs, the list also contains safe and kid-friendly children's rugs.

See the lay-out on the thumbnail of the site above, the revisions are still on going on the site but it is already working and contains several data already that will be helpful for your search. Try this one and find your rugs online.


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