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World Differs in Health Care System

August 20, 2009
I found out today that still a lot of progressive countries can not make a perfect health care system for their constituents. US for example are still struggling to make reforms in their system to provide an increase access to the said benefits. I wonder if the senior citizen are provided enough health care and caregivers that will help and assist them with the rest of their remaining life. Here's a part of the news from Reuters, opening a topic regarding health care systems of different big countries in the world:
Transatlantic mud-slinging over health care conceals a simple reality that no country has yet a found a perfect system for helping the sick.

U.S. critics of healthcare reform point to Europe as an example of why they oppose President Barack Obama's fight to rein in costs, constrain insurance companies and expand health cover to most of the 46 million Americans who are uninsured.

Although Obama has never proposed a system akin to Britain's, where a single payer -- in this case the government's National Health Service (NHS) -- picks up the cost, critics have been cranking out broadcast advertisements painting European systems as expensive socialized medicine which rations both care and lives.

It is true that Americans trawling Europe's differing forms of universal care for tips on overhauling their system will pick up plenty of gripes from patients and doctors.

Yet Europeans still show overwhelming support for the principles underpinning the continent's various programs of mandatory coverage, first pioneered by Germany's Iron Chancellor Otto von Bismarck more than a century ago.

"There is no perfect health system," said Anna Dixon, director of policy at Britain's independent healthcare think-tank The King's Fund. "Most health systems are trying to reach the same objectives, but we all do it in different ways, and part of that is to do with our history." - Read the rest of the story HERE.

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