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My Sulumits Retsambew Achievement

August 14, 2009
Despite my inadequate exertion of effort for the sulumits retsambew challenge, still I could say that there is a little achievement that I gain from the said competition. This is what I say because eventhough I didn't do anything so special, still my entry managed to rank on page one. It even try to jump further but I think that will be its last strength to show on the contest. Sulumits Retsambew competition started 5 months ago but I only started the campaign to improve my entry on the last month of the event. Now this is the cause why my entry is having a difficulty convincing the search engine of its relevance and reputation for the key phrase "sulumits retsambew."

Aside from this positional/ranking achievement, I am satisfied that I have analyzed several things on how Google reacts to different entries. Today is the last day for everyone to still do something and the last throw for others to make. Hope there's a miracle happen and let my sulumits retsambew jump over the limit and enter the magic 3 of winners. Its on the hands of Google now so whatever happens then let it be.


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