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Government Travel Expense Controversies

August 14, 2009
Its been a couple of days already that the government is under fire by different "ammunition" from different walks of life of people in the country and this roar of dissatisfaction is due to the buzz about the expenses incur by the group of officials who spend almost $35,000.00 for a dinner meal in New York and Washington. People are questioning about this luxurious activities of the government despite the country is suffering from different kinds of crisis. The travel expenses made during this "official travel" of the officials are not fair for some eyes of those who are vigilant with the different activities of this officials.

Even the media were blame by this officials for making the story so big. In my opinion, its the job of the media to inform us people and the government's job to explain the reasons why they've done such act. That's why on the next national election of the country, I will surely cast my votes carefully and choose the right person that will hold the country's future.

What's your opinion about this?


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