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Unique Designs for Home

August 30, 2009
We usually like the standard look of the rooms of our house. We usually get this pattern from what we see from the magazines or what we see from other houses (friends or neighbors) or recommendations of interior designers who are usually have a pattern based on what they've done to other houses. I have read some tips from a magazine regarding designing the house and kind a like the idea. Uniqueness can be established even if the elements of the rooms are not suited to each other. From the furniture, upholstery, photo on the wall to the area rugs on the floor. It is said on the home magazine that sometimes a home lost its own uniqueness or personality when the usual design is used or what we called the "standard" design for a house.

That's why I might use a mix of elements for the room of my newly renovated house. I might use contemporary rugs or colorful shag rugs or wool rugs for the floors on the dining area then a traditional dining tables and modern photos on the wall painted by white color. I might also use jute rugs or braided rugs like sisal rugs for the living area covering the floor with a white mix of upholstery and the flat screen black HDTV on the middle of the area. Its a mix of modern and classical design in one space. That's right its quite unusual but that is what I want my room in my house to be. Now, imagine what my bedroom will look like. Fascinating right!? A real great home improvement just based on what I thought nice for me and my family.


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