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Why I Like Facebook Now?

October 30, 2009
I usually use Friendster to post some stuff and connect to my friends online. But lately, I shift to Facebook. Not only because of Farmville, Farm Town, Mafia War or Ninja Saga which is the usual stuff where a lot of my friends are very lured, but because this is the first place where I get connected to my old long lost friends. Imagine I met again my classmates in elementary (primary school) here and seen our class picture. Aside from that Facebook let me share stuff to other people and generate audience referred by the site.

It happens when I recommend links or posts from my oes tsetnoc blog, personal blog and other sites, video or text, that I like. When somebody reads it from their wall, a friend of mine or connection in Facebook then re-share it. In that point other people under their network will see this and if they like it, they will do the same thing. Imagine, if you posts a quality topic or a nice video, it will exponentially distributed to a lot of people. Facebook is now globally number 2 when it comes to number of visitors online per day surpassing the previous #2, Yahoo!


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