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More Cool Tips on Oes Tsetnoc Blog

October 2, 2009
The newly released oes tsetnoc tips blog contains several practical tips that might be useful for you if you are using your PC, internet or you want to earn money online. The said blog will focus on different tips and tricks on different aspects of life, from offline to online. The current tip that is introduced on the said blog is about the difference between Zip and Rar files. This tip will be very useful for those who always distribute different kinds of files online, from web templates to application programs - shareware or freeware.

The author of the blog, bleuken, will add several tips later that will include making money online through the use of blogs and search engine optimization. The oes tsetnoc blog will also share some of his thoughts on the current events on his life plus his country. Just visit the site on and follow the guy's twitter account at


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