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Why Use Natural Rugs Rather Than Synthetic?

October 30, 2009
Synthetic rugs are found to be very cheap because it is produced in big numbers by machines and made from human made materials. However, the problem with synthetic rugs, is that its materials used for it are known to be harmful to the environment. It is because when the synthetic rug lost its beauty and it is ready to be disposed, since it is not a biodegradable item then it remains in the face of the earth. Polluting either the bodies of water when thrown on rivers or sea, land when it is buried or air when it is burnt. It is then converted in either fumes or form that is harmful both to human and the ecosystem.

These made the natural fiber rugs more preferred by those who believe that they need to help earth recover from the damages made by man. I personally believe that we people have obligations for the place where we live in to make it stay a good place to be with for everyone. That's the reason I am also for natural area rugs. It both elegant and have a natural beauty that can be only found to this kind of floor decor at the same time it is eco-friendly. Usually, these are made with fibers extracted from plants. Common rug that you can buy online today and popular for being durable are the sisal rugs, jute rugs, wool rugs and bamboo rugs.

How about you, what do you think about using natural rugs?


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