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Facebook Ninja Saga Cheats, Tricks and Tips

October 13, 2009
Are you fond of Ninjas and action packed flash games involving chakra, Ninja skills, genjutsu, taijutsu and other stuff like the Naruto anime? Well, then you might be playing or you might want playing Ninja Saga from Facebook or other social media networking sites. Aside from Mafia Wars, I also loved playing this game which I first found when I saw someone from the office that is playing it during their free time.

This is the reason why I searched for cool tricks, cheats and tips that will help me level up with my current Ninja character. This is what I found from Youtube, an AFK (away from keyboard) tool that replays your movement on Ninja Saga even you are not present on your keyboard. However, I will not recommend this of course, the excitement and enjoyment will be lost because of it. But of course, for curiosity sakes you might as well try it. Here's the video and I don't own this video so the external link I will feature is nothing to do with this blog so download or use the tool recommended at your own risk.

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