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Jumping in Joy: I am PR3

April 3, 2009
Whoah, guys did you feel it, tha changes this April 2009? PR or commonly known as PageRank just updated and this blog: Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009, gained a big PR3. For those who are not familiar with the term, PageRank is a way of measurement of Google to tag websites for its importance over the search result pages. Its measurement is from 0 to 10, where zero is the least important value while ten is the highest importance a site can gain. So if you have a higher PR the more valuable your site is. Now, you may asked how would you gain a higher value. Actually the algorithm that is used by this seach engine in computing this value is hidden in the eyes of the public. Back in the days, the said algorithm was revealed however some misused this algorithm and abused the power that they've gained from this.

For myself, I uses a simple formula to gain a high PR of my site. See the formula below:

Gaining PR = Quality Unique Contents plus Lot of Backlinks less Outbound Links

Where, quality unique contents refers to a original and non-duplicate contents or non-copy and paste contents. Quality can also be gained by utilizing different medium in your contents such as video and images or pictures other than text. Actually a friend of mine just gained PR4 because of his really "unique" and out of this world content. Lot of backlinks or inbound links on the other hand refers to external/internal pages linking to your targetted site. This can be gained by directory submissions, social bookmarking, blog commenting and exchange links. Outbound link refers to links that are getting out of your site. It should be minimized because too much of this weakens the PR strength of your site for its power is distributed in each external websites. This is the formula that I always used in any engangement I am encountering involving websites or blogs, static or dynamic.

Every individual has its own preferences and in the Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 event, entrants surely uses their own formula or the same as mine but in different perspective.


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