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Be Careful with Claimed Yoville Hack or Cheat - Facebook or Myspace

December 18, 2009
One of the most played Facebook or MySpace social networking game today is the Yoville. It is a miniature SIM in a flash version where you can meet your friends and new acquaintances online. A virtual world that let users create avatars, live in custom decorated homes, chat, play mini-games, attend live events and interact with real friends living them messages and gifts. My kid enjoys this game a lot and really into the game. Now, in my search for Yoville hack or cheat, I found some suspicious videos on Youtube claiming that they can provide "good life" on your Yoville accounts by giving your access details to your Facebook or MySpace accounts.

My advice kids, players or Yovillians BEWARE of this claim and DO NOT give your email and/or your Facebook/MySpace user IDs and passwords to anybody on the web that is claiming that they can provide such easy way of leveling up or making your house much better. This is the method of fraudulent, phishers or scammer around the world to steal your private information so that they can get access to your accounts and claim it for themselves. Once they get your account, it is possible that they will close your account or disallow access to it later. So be careful and be aware. Enjoy Yoville life with less trouble!


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