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Iron Man 2 Teaser Trailer and Poster

December 21, 2009
Have you seen the latest release movie trailer of the 2nd installment of the Marvel comics movie Iron Man 2. It shows the latest adventure of the rich guy Tony Stark and his iron suit plus his fight against his nemesis Whiplash. I first thought that the movie sucks because I don't like how Whiplash looks on some image teasers previously released. But when I saw this trailer, I find the movie very cool and really excited to see the movie. Aside from Whiplash, Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) and War Machine (Don Cheaddle) are introduced in the teaser.

Here's the Iron Man 2 movie trailer:

The Iron Man 2 movie is scheduled to be released on theaters this coming May 7, 2010 under Paramount Pictures.


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