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Merriconeag, Waldorf Education in Maine

December 10, 2009
Merriconeag Waldorf School LogoMerriconeag Waldorf School ( was founded in 1984 and serves some 265 students in early childhood to high school. It is located in the Freeport, a town on the southern coast of Maine while its high school is a short distance away, in the town of New Gloucester.

The curriculum of Merriconeag Waldorf School is based on the research on child development by Austrian education and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. Fundamental to Waldorf education is the recognition that each human being is a unique individual who passes through distinct life stages and that it is the responsibility of education to address the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each developmental stage.

Now for your information, the name "Merriconeag" (read as MER-e-con-EEG) comes from an Abenaki word for "a place of easy portage or passage." Freeport is located on Casco Bay, which has a Merriconeag Sound and a Merriconeag Neck, so the name has regional as well as poetic significance. To read more about this private school in Maine, just visit their official website at

The following video shows a 1st Grade Morning Lesson in Merriconeag created by Karl Schurman and 10th grade student, Cyrus Fenderson:


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