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Facebook FishVille Cheats, Strategies and Tricks

December 12, 2009
One of the game in Facebook that my kid loves to play - aside from the Cafe World, Farm Town and the Restaurant City - is the Fishville. He just love the underwater adventure and taking care of the fish on his tank. The game is still from Zynga the developer of the popular farming game "Farmville." It requires you to have flash player to play the game and as like other known games from the said company, it is allowed to anyone for it is so easy to play and understand, even for young ages. As describe by FB, Fishville is "an addictive game where you raise cute baby fish, feed them as they grow, and decorate your fish tanks with friends!"

That is right you can invite your friends to play with you and give them opportunity to see or participate with taking care of your pet fish. Now, for the Fishville cheat or the strategy that I mentioned, here are some of them:

Now if you might want to share any Fishville cheat or your very own strategies, tricks or discoveries of the game, feel free to leave it via the comment form below.


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