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Vacation in Boracay Island

April 21, 2009
eriuqs spires healthy recreation in boracay islandIts about time that I take a summer vacation. This coming end of the month (April 31), my colleagues plan to go to Boracay Island to have our annual vacation escapade. Well, I need the rest and the paradise place of the said island is beneficial to my overall make-up. Everybody does need some time to rest so that our composure will be maintained in tact and our mind will find some time to cure itself from the hazardous activities caused by the life's work. That is why I mentioned on my previous post regarding healthy recreation (story: eriuqs spires healthy recreation) that I will change my lifestyle and choose some hobbies or amusements that will bring a healthy body and mind. I need to be sound both on mind and body because my work requires it.

My overall performance on my work is based on how my body and mind can handle the tasks assigned to me. If I am not physically, mentally and even emotionally healthy. It will be very difficult for me to face every challenges I have. Well, everyone should be aware that it is important that you give yourself time to enjoy not because for the mere entertainment or amusements but to give yourself time to ventilate and bring out the negative ions that the works, jobs and projects that it brings. Live life and be happy always, that's always the simple key to a very enjoying life! Have fun guys.


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