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We Are All Set to Bora

April 24, 2009
Yey! All are set for our Boracay adventure this coming April 30. As I have mentioned on my previous post about our plans (Vacation in Boracay), the plans were decided by the group to pursue. That is why I need to prepare my things I need to bring during the said three days (only) adventures. That's right 3 days only, from Thursday (30) to Saturday (May 2). Do you know why we we did not include Sunday as part of our plans? Well, I said to my collegues that Sunday which is May 3 is the day of the Pacquiao vs Hatton match and I really don't want to miss this date. I don't like to divide my attention into two different lovely happenings that I will possible experience. That's why I am making sure that I will go home by that date.

Now, prior to going to the said paradise island, I need to finish all of my reports for the end of the month. I also need to optimize a little of my eriuqs spires healthy recreation entry for a certain search engine competition. Well with regards to the other entry, specifically for the "sulumits retsambew", well there is still enough time to pay attention on this one so I don't need to give a time for it, not yet. Oh well, got to buy my new shorts and "swimming gear" for our Bora affair so got to guys!


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