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Online Expense Management

April 13, 2009
Expense management is vital in an organization to become successful with its undertaking. Any businesses understand this and the two qualities that they are looking for their system are speed accessibility and accuracy. There's an online portal today that is currently popular for providing this kind of cutting edge system in the field of online expense solution. I am referring to the company in Portland USA called "Certify." Certify's expense management software makes a convenient method for companies (small to mid size one) to easily manage their travel and business expenses. One of their feature is the virtual wallet where the employees are allowed to store and retrieve their receipts any where and any time.

How they perform this? With the availability of internet everywhere and the wondrous technology of smartphones like iPhone and Blackberry, employees can now send any receipts through their phones, fax or as attachment in an email. These data are stored in the Certify's data center thus cutting your expenses because you don't need any data server to make use of their system. Aside from that, the expense software provided by Certify gives you only 3 easy steps to prepare an expense report for submission, approval and reimbursement.

If you want to know more about this online expense management, you could visit their site at They also have a 30-day free tial of the system so that you will have an overview on what you can get from the subscription that you will possibly place on their service. The following is a video from Youtube that contains the overview of their system:


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