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Mealworms as Feeds and Food

April 14, 2009
Mealworm with a scientific name Tenebrio molitor L is the common feed given to different exotic pets like lizards, scorpions, frogs, salamander, arowana and others. The live larva of mealworms serves as a natural food for these animals. This food given to these pets contains a high protein content or about 58% of the total composition of the larva plus other minerals such as phosphorus, iron, kalium, natrium, calcium and other elements that are vital to the growth of these pets. Besides these uses of mealworms to animals, dried mealworms are processed and can be used as a great source of protein additive to be used as part of the nutritional diet of human. Some common food that can be a by product from this raw materials are noodles, bread and other condiments.

These mealworms are raised by different breeding farm in the world. One company that breeds and can produce about 50 tons of mealworms per month and can provide almost 200 tons of dried mealworms to different part of the world is the Haocheng Mealworm Inc. Their several years of expertise and experience in the field of raising mealworms makes them a great source of this raw materials that anyone can use for whatever they purpose that requires protein nutrition or feeds for their pets. If you want to read in detail on how they raise mealworms, you can visit their Haoceng Mealworm, Inc. website at


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